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I barely got out alive, he grabbed my leg but I was able to kick free from his hard grip. I actually saw him, he almost caught me. Even as he is under I am still faster than my old man. can't afford to take chances like those again. If the Order catches onto what I am doing, they will change how they do everything. I've been trying to get into the capitol building for the past year but nothing has worked. If only I could find a way to the switch without being caught, if only. It would be much easier if I had someone to help me get in, someone who is smarter than me. But here I am stuck by myself, mind controlled, and I don't know why. What makes me different from the other 9 million people in this city? What makes me different from the other 9 billion people on this earth ?! I have concluded that by somehow getting that kill switch I could reverse everyone in the area 4,114. After I am able to release the people of New York from the Order control. I will gather a group of the strongest and bravest to rescue the rest of the world. I just have to find a way.
I have been by myself for the past year living off scraps. The city is full of under working for the Order. They have made it extremely hard to collect food for myself, but I have managed. I have been trying to hack into the internet of the capitol building, though it has been hard because they have a firewall that is almost impenetrable. If I can get into the internet I can find which camp my brother Will is at. I managed to escape the labor camp that my brother and I were staying at. At the camps, they tested the people that managed to avoid being under the mind control. While I was sneaking out of the camp I was able to interperate a conversation two scientist were having, they said that they found that they the people that were not under had a special part of the brain that was too strong. Now I am living in an abandoned penthouse of one of the dead government workers. It is hard to live alone because I have never done this before. I have always had my brother to help me. Now he is gone.
I have been sneaking around alleys trying to find food. A small amount of the city has barely any power. That part of the city is where I grow my food on top of a building. I am surprised to see the lights on in the penthouse of an abandoned building. Am I not the only person that is free? I enter the building, it reeks of rat poop and
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