"True Creations Research Center". This site is the hardest site you will run in incursions. There is a lot of alpha and neuting power at the beginning of one of these sites. Along with 2 Outuni Messens there are also Deltole Tegmentum’s which do slight neuting but also put out the most DPS out of any of the Sansha rats you find in HQ Incursions.

The entry to this site can be shaky for logi’s as there are a lot of people taking damage within seconds of entering. The objective in this site is to destroy the tower located directly in front of your warp in point. We do however leave this site (after payment of course) with rats on the field.

Because of this reason, once the scrams are clear the FC will ask DPS and Snipers to warp off to the broadcast and the Logi pilots will stay behind with the FC and will be warped off by said FC when he/she is confident that there are no other fleet members left on grid.